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About Us

Orange county house of prayer - orange CA

We are driven by the living and ever present Word of God 

partnering with the Holy Spirit to exalt the name

of Jesus which is above all names. 

Our purpose is to be at the feet of Jesus.

Our purpose is to surrender ourselves to Him.

We rest in knowing He hears our prayers.

We trust in His answers according to His will, His way, His work.

We are intentional about coming before our amazing God and laying down our all.

We weave our garments of praise and worship with the Word and prayer.

We desire to be an incense, a sweet aroma

before the mighty throne of God.


Our Story

November 2011 we moved from a basic, but intentional prayer meeting to

the House Of Prayer format, because we saw in the model of IHOP - KC that there was a fresh and compelling approach to intercession which invited us into a deeper place of access to the heart of Jesus, who sits at the right hand of His Father

and intercedes on our behalf. 

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