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OCHOP came about after years and years of prayer group meetings at a former church plant in Tustin, Ca. A group of us were called into this church plant and from the very beginning I just had a deep passion for intercession and an understanding that any ministry that is serious about impacting our culture had better wrap, drench and drown itself basically in intercession and then even do some fasting too after that haha.


So on this beautiful journey of two decades ago our name changed from Tuesday Night Prayer to Mountain Movers to River Watch and then to catch the true vision, Orange County House Of Prayer or OCHOP. I met a great man, who became an instant friend, mentor and brother named Doug Davis who was the founder and director of Sacred Assembly here in Southern California. Doug was passionate about intercession for the nation, California, and the local region. I asked him if he would come along side us and show our team the house of prayer model and he did just that. On November 14, 2011 we launched OCHOP. I'm forever grateful to Doug for the generous time he spent with us demonstrating and leading us into our new OCHOP format. God bless you Doug for the devotion, love and friendship you extended to us. 

In January 2016 OCHOP put on some new wings and became an independent group to continue our long journey as a house of prayer and we landed in the City of Orange, Ca. We currently meet every Wednesday night and also co-labor with other churches, houses of prayer and prayer movements. We're a passionate spirit filled group of believers who absolutely love to worship our Mighty King and Savior Jesus Christ. We love connecting with the power of heaven and the incredible unending love of our Heavenly Father, who is very passionate about his children and the people on this planet we call Earth. We believe in, and enjoy using the spiritual gifts we're given by the Holy Spirit just as on the day of Pentecost and we experience these gifts today. We love to experience this beautiful fullness of the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus introduced to his followers, to equip every believer in Christ. The power of the Holy Spirit was a gift in addition to salvation. I've explained the infilling of the Holy Spirit like this before. When you receive salvation through Jesus Christ its like dad giving you a brand new car to drive! What's additionally awesome, is if dad also gives you an unlimited full tanks of gas, so you can receive the "power" that takes you great distances. Salvation is amazing, and stopping at the fueling station of heaven is a great added bonus! Some say the gifts of the spirit are not for today and how unfortunate that mindset is. 

Our meetings consist of much worship which is interwoven and interconnected with our prayers. We pray with a mindset that is focused globally, nationally, regionally, locally and personally too. From the larger prayer focus all the way down to the personal prayer focus. The "body of Christ" was described in the bible as "the followers of Christ". We direct much of our prayer focus at the body of Christ (the followers) because many still need to find out who they are and what their purpose is as a follower. Prayer that these believers will see who they are in God's compassionate eyes and realize their potential to change the world. We are not a church, but we are people from several different churches, yet in unity we see ourselves, as a very close family who loves each other. The reason to want to be a "House of Prayer" is linked to this bible passage "...for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations..." Isaiah 56:7  - Ken Ezell 

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